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2023 Award Winners

Citizen of the year

Wendy Hoskins
Wendy Hoskins was nominated for her many years of tireless work for the community, with no thought of remuneration. She has been a member of Collie CWA since 1979, and has held all local executive positions including treasurer for 27 years. She has also held office at divisional level. She has worked for the Collie Hospital Comforts Fund for 40 years, helping to improve the lives of patients by providing extra items to make their hospital stay less stressful. She has worked for Red Cross and was a member of the Collie Welfare Council. Wendy is a serving Justice of the Peace, and tutors for Read Write Now, an adult literacy organization equipping this essential skill for those who missed out at school. Until recently, she was a committee member of the Collie Community Radio Station. She ran the local football club bingo night for some 25 years, and was a board member of Riverview Residence. She organizes not-for-profit bus outings to musicals and shows in Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah, providing a valuable service for those unable to drive.

Young Citizens of the Year

Alexis Milne
Alexis began volunteering at the Collie Agricultural Society at the age of 8 years. She was on the junior committee, running the kids’ free activity tent at the show. She helps with fundraisers and assists with the set up and running of the show.

She participates in gymnastics, and became a qualified coach at the age of 14. She volunteers five and a half hours a week, coaching gymnastics and FreeG (parkour).

She helps set up the Haunted House, with Bike Week events and Blue Light discoes.

She attended Camp Zero2Hero to learn about mental health issues so she could support her peers.

Beau Milne
Beau Milne started volunteering with the Collie Agricultural Society at the age of 8 years. He was on the junior committee helping to organize and fund raise.

In 2017, he began parkour, and qualified as a coach at the age of 14. He volunteers 2 hours a week at Kindergym and FreeG (parkour). Beau is an active member of the PCYC and offers support to his peers with his positive attitude and role modelling

Environmental Award

Donna Davies
Donna Davies is the only nomination for this year’s environmental award, but she is a most worthy one. As a member of the Collie Rotary she formed the Friends of the River group to work on rehabilitating and reviving the river. She organized clean-up days, weeding and planting the river banks and continuing to care for them. Working with the Shire of Collie and South32, she obtained funding for a three-year programme of revegetation. She brings an informed and scientific mind to the task, and is very dedicated. Donna has a pleasant style of leadership and is good at encouraging others to volunteer in this work.

Community Group of the Year

Retired Mineworkers’ Association
The Retired Mineworkers’ Association provide an active community for past mine workers encouraging friendship and camaraderie. In recent years, they have become active in preserving the history of the coalmining industry. They have taken responsibility for the restoration and preservation of one of Collie earliest mines, the Wallsend mine. They have taken a derelict site which was overgrown with weeds, and revealed its history with the mine workings. It is now fenced off to allow restoration. They commissioned silhouettes depicting miners and coal skips which give interest and context to the site. They have created a memorial to those who have lost their lives in the industry at Pioneer Park and commissioned a bronze statue depicting a miner and pit pony, pulling a skip. This year, they added to the memorial with a mural by Jacob “Shaky” Butler, of miners at the change of shifts, using photographs from the Coalfields Museum, and reuniting descendants of those in the photographs with their forebears. This memorial corner has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors and Collie locals alike.

Photos by Nola Green


Sporting Scholarships

Sporting Scholarship Request Form
Assistance can be provided as a sporting scholarship of $250 for an individual or up to $500 where 3 or more residents are selected in a Western Australian State or Australian National representative team.

Sports Awards

On Friday 17th November, we celebrated sport in Collie at the Annual Sports Awards. Congratulations to all those who were nominated.

2023 Award Winners were:
Shire of Collie Sportsperson of the Year – Jon Dyas, Clay Target Shooting.
Shire of Collie Junior Sportsperson of the Year – Milla Harker, Basketball & Netball
Robinson Hannan Volunteer of the Year – Shane Sewell

We also had the pleasure of inducting Helena Giblett and Evan Strudwick to the Shire of Collie Wall of Champions.

Helena Giblett

Helena’s sporting journey is a testament to her extraordinary talent and dedication across various disciplines. Born with a competitive spirit, she emerged as a dominant force in BMX racing, leaving an indelible mark in the world of sports. Her BMX prowess was evident early on, becoming the standout racer in her age group. Representing Australia as part of a three-person team competing globally, Helena showcased unparalleled skill, remaining undefeated through all heats. The team secured a commendable second place worldwide in America and clinched the top spot in the World Team Championships in Queensland, Australia. Amassing numerous awards, Helena claimed four Australian titles alongside numerous minor placings, solidifying her status as a BMX legend. Her influence extended beyond victories, earning international recognition as an exemplary ambassador for both Australia and Western Australia. Helena’s journey in BMX was marked by notable sponsorships, notably as a factory Crisp rider from 1988 to 1991 and later as a factory Peddle Power rider until 1995. She achieved a remarkable feat by attaining ten consecutive first-place finishes with Daniel Sprague in solo races, showcasing her unparalleled dominance.

Her accomplishments weren’t confined to BMX alone. In the realm of Little Athletics, Helena displayed her versatility by winning the State 400-meter title in 1991 and securing State titles in the 200-meter and 400-meter categories. Acknowledged for her excellence, Helena’s achievements were celebrated through nominations and awards. She was nominated for the prestigious Coca Cola Western Australian Junior Sports Star Award by WA BMX in 1988/89 and claimed the Collie Sports Star of the Year award in 1989. Furthermore, her consistent triumphs led her to clinch four King and Queen titles in BMX in Western Australia. Her athletic prowess extended to other domains; she excelled in Little Athletics, amassing gold medals and securing the Collie Senior High School championship in each year of her age group. Additionally, her versatility shone through as she contributed to successful netball teams in Collie and Perth, culminating in a premiership win in 1992. Helena’s legacy remains embedded in the annals of Australian sports history. Her unparalleled achievements across multiple sports disciplines and her unwavering dedication continue to inspire aspiring athletes, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sports.

Evan Strudwick

Evan Strudwick’s illustrious cycling career is a testament to his enduring passion and remarkable achievements on both state and national fronts, leaving an indelible mark in the annals of cycling history. His early foray into competitive cycling commenced in 1960, marking his debut at the State level with a commendable third-place finish in the State Schoolboys’ road race. Demonstrating exceptional prowess, he soared to prominence over the next three years, showcasing his mastery at the State track level. In 1961, he triumphed in the one and five-mile events, followed by victories in the sprint and five-mile events in 1962. The following year, he reaffirmed his dominance by clinching victories once again in the one and five-mile events in 1963. Evan’s talents transcended the State boundaries, as evidenced by his stellar performances at the National level. His early success included a third-place finish in the
schoolboys’ road event in 1960. The following years saw him ascend further, securing notable placements such as second in the junior teams’ pursuit and a fourth-place finish in the junior sprint in 1962. His crowning achievement came in 1963 when he claimed his first National title in the junior one-mile track event, solidifying his status as a rising
star in Australian cycling.

Acknowledging his outstanding talent, Evan was honoured with the prestigious Mockridge Medal, a highly esteemed Australia-wide award recognizing exceptional junior cyclists. Following an eight-year hiatus from competitive cycling, Evan defied the odds by returning to the sport in 1972 at the age of 28, achieving a remarkable feat by winning
the Westral race. Cycling commentators hailed this comeback as a rarity, noting the formidable challenge of making a successful return after such a prolonged break. Transitioning into veterans’ ranks, Evan continued to exhibit his passion for cycling. In 1981, he claimed the country roads championship at Esperance, further cementing his legacy in the sport. His dedication and skill were further exemplified by his selection in the WA road country team in 1980/81 and ’83, culminating in a triumphant victory in the 1983 46km veterans’ race. Despite the passage of time, Evan Strudwick’s enduring love for cycling persists. He remains an ardent supporter of the sport, continuing to contribute to and nurture the next generation.