History & Heritage

Looking After Our Heritage

The Heritage List
The Heritage List 2017 is compiled from the places identified in the Local Government Heritage Survey, a list of places that the Shire of Collie considers to have, or may have in the future, cultural heritage significance.  It does not necessarily include all places and areas.  The List is adopted under the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme and may be changed from time to time.

In managing places on the Heritage List, councillors and staff have regard to the level of significance assigned to each place in the Local Heritage Survey.

For further information, including what it means to be heritage listed, please refer to our heritage information leaflet.

Local Studies Collection

Collie Public Library is working on sorting and collating their local studies collection, working toward having it open and available to the public for viewing and research in the near future. While the collection is being catalogued, members of the public can print and complete a Local studies search request form or complete the form below and staff will be happy to assist where they can.

Local Studies Search Request Form

Local Studies Search Request Form

Coalfields Museum

Located at 161 Throssell St, in the old Roads Board Building, the museum is open Thursday to Monday, 9.00am – 3.00pm.  Group visits may be arranged at other times by appointment.  Contact details for the museum:

  • Facebook
  • Telephone – 9734 1852
  • Mobile – 0418 792 962
  • Email –  coalfieldsmuseum@gmail.com