Council Elections

Shire of Collie – Election Notice

Local government ordinary elections are held on the third Saturday in October every two years.

Councillors are elected for terms of four years in Western Australia. Elections are held every two years for half of the council. If a vacancy occurs within a term, an extraordinary election is held.

Following the resignation of Cr Sarah Stanely and Cr Rebecca Woods, in 2023 the election will include two additional vacancies for a term of two years.

The total number of vacancies is seven including:

District 5 Councillors 4 year terms
District 2 Councillors 2 year terms

At the close of nominations, there were eight candidates for the seven vacancies on the Shire of Collie Council for the October 21 Election. The profiles of the candidates is shown below:

Shire of Collie, Councillor – FARIES, Gary – Profile
Shire of Collie, Councillor – HILL-POWER, Dale – Profile
Shire of Collie, Councillor – KEARNEY, John – Profile
Shire of Collie, Councillor – MOYSES, Paul – Profile
Shire of Collie, Councillor – HANSEN, Brett – Profile
Shire of Collie, Councillor – ROBERTS, Kerry – Profile
Shire of Collie, Councillor – ITALIANO, Joe – Profile
Shire of Collie, Councillor – MIFFLING, Ian – Profile

Further information about elections is available from the WA Electoral Commission and the candidate briefing video. 

Cr White chose to not renominate for the 2023 election. The Shire thanks Sarah Stanley, Rebecca Woods, and Brent White for their service to the Shire and the community.

The Shire of Collie election will be by a postal voting system conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. Postal voting packages will be distributed later this month.

Under State Government reforms, the election will be conducted using an Optional Preferential Voting system.