Shire of Collie 2016-17 Annual Budget

The WA Local Government Act (1995) requires that local authorities prepare budgets in
accordance with Local Government Financial Management Regulations (1996) and the
relevant Australian Accounting Standards. Council staff have ensured that the contents of
the Council’s budget have satisfied these requirements whilst also adopting a ‘best practice’
approach to compiling the document. The budget document is pitched to be informative,
easily read / interpreted and of general use to elected members, management, staff and the
public within the Collie community.

This budget document represents the culmination of many months work by Councillors and
staff preparing various plans and strategies aimed at delivering services and facilities to the
Collie Community in a cost effective and sustainable manner. This budget has continued
Council’s commitment to maintaining current service levels, whilst also focusing on ensuring
that its existing (infrastructure) asset base is maintained as much as is financially viable. The
Council is currently in a strong financial position, with manageable levels of debt, adequate
cash reserves and a commitment to minimising rate impacts on individual Collie ratepayers.

Download the Shire of Collie 2016-17 Annual Budget [PDF]