Media Release: 2023/24 Budget Formulation


26 July 2023

TO:      Local media

2023/24 Budget Formulation

Council held a Special Meeting on 25 July to consider a draft budget ahead of formal consideration for adoption at the coming Ordinary Meeting on 8 August 2023.

The proposed budget responds to increasing costs to maintain services and facilities for the community.  The budget also continues the progressive improvement of overall financial health of the Shire.

Increasing costs of labour, insurances and other factors have necessitated an overall increase in rate revenue in the order of 6.9%, along with increased waste charges to meet contract costs.   The rate increase sits below the 2022 Consumer Price Index (Perth CPI) of 8.3%.

Grants continue to supplement Shire costs.  Combined with other revenue sources, the budget provides a planned expenditure of around 17M (excluding allowance for depreciation).

Capital expenditure continues to focus on renewals which will see playground replacements, pathway renewal, laneway improvements and other maintenance works across Shire facilities.

The Shire’s focus continues to be prudent financial management, serving the best interests of the community today while ensuring a prosperous future.

Media contacts:
Shire President Sarah Stanley
0408 344 833

Chief Executive Officer Stuart Devenish
(08) 9734 9000