Media Release: Air Quality

Media Release – Air quality

Polluted post code claims ‘bad science’

CLAIMS by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) that lists Collie among Australia’s most polluted postcodes are inaccurate and based on bad science according to shire president Cr Sarah Stanley.

Cr Stanley said the ACF claims were based on selective data taken out of context to suit the author’s agenda.

“Air quality monitoring shows Collie’s air quality is good on the vast majority of days and that when it is not, exceedances are due to bush fires and controlled burns,” said Cr Stanley.

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) relies on data from the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) that collates information only from those industrial facilities that are of sufficient size to meet its reporting criteria, ignoring the cumulative effects of all other forms of pollution.

The NPI’s website states that “the various NPI substances have distinct properties and levels of toxicity and it is therefore meaningless to add together emissions of different substances. This does not provide a measure of total pollution.”

The Department of Environmental Regulation’s latest reporting shows exceeded the PM10 particulates stands just five times in 2020, all attributed to prescribed burns.

Cr Stanley said organisations such as the ACF should focus their energy on working with communities such as Collie to assist in their transition to cleaner industries. “Collie is actively and collaboratively working with all levels of government, unions, and the private sector on the attraction of new, sustainable industries to provide employment opportunities for the workers and community impacted by changes in the energy landscape.

“We’re proud of our rich working heritage and our contribution to the state’s prosperity for more than a century.

“We’re also proud that Collie is becoming increasingly known as one of the hottest adventure and tourism destination and is welcoming a swathe of progressive and future-focused industries
and sectors, including renewable energy, metals processing, manufacturing, medicinal cannabis, and even looking beyond our skies to space monitoring.”

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