River Weed Spraying Begins

The Shire of Collie is will begin its annual nardoo spraying program on 10 November.

Nardoo is a native plant that has become a weed as a result of excess nutrients in the river. Minimising the impacts of nardoo is a key part of the Shire’s efforts to revitalise the Collie River. Spraying is conducted on defined sections of the river each year during the plant’s growing season.

This year’s spraying program will focus on the section of the river between the East End bridge and the Preston Road bridge. The program will run for up to one week and will involve the application of Reglone and hydrogel to the growing plants. Signs will be installed during the spraying process and the community should avoid any water activities including kayaking or fishing in the area whilst spraying is in progress.

Shire President Sarah Stanley said the spraying program was just one part of the Shire’s overall river revitalisation efforts. “The annual spraying program is important to keeping the invasive nardoo plant in check,” Shire President Sarah Stanley said. “However, as long as there are excess nutrients in the river, the overall health of the river will continue to be impacted by this invasive plant. Residents can do their bit by planting native and waterwise plants in gardens and fertilising at the correct times, using only the amount recommended.”