Stolen Dog Recovered

Following information received regarding its whereabouts from a member of the public, the Shire of Collie has recovered a dog stolen from its pound two weeks ago . The pound was broken into by two individuals on 07 June 2017, causing significant damage to the entrance and locks. The Shire has repaired the damage and will upgrade security systems to ensure that further break-ins do not occur.

During the break-in, the individuals also stole a dog from the pound. This dog was previously involved in a dog attack and has been found wandering on a number of occasions. The Shire is currently taking action against the dog owner in relation to these matters. The Shire received information from members of the public stating that this dog was being kept at a certain property, and wishes to thank members of the public for assisting with information leading to the recovery of the dog.

The public’s support and help in these matters is very much appreciated and we continue to encourage people to provide this type of support; Shire officers, with the assistance of the police, were able to enter the property and seize the stolen dog.

Police are continuing to look for information from the public relating to the break-in at the pound. Criminal charges can be placed with penalties including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines if convicted. If you have any information regarding this or any other crime call Collie Police 08 9734 6333.