E-waste now accepted free of charge

Electronic waste, including televisions, computers, printers and mobile phones, can now be
disposed of free of charge at the Collie Waste Facility.

According to the Waste Authority WA, electronic waste, or “e-waste”, is one of the fastest
growing waste streams and includes many hazardous materials that are used in all manner of
computing, electronic devices and electrical appliances.

Research conducted by Total Green Recycling found that 95% of the e-waste produced by the
thousands of electronic devices discarded by Australians each day could be recycled.

A large skip bin at the Collie Waste Facility is now dedicated to the storage of e-waste, free of
charge, until it can be transported to Perth with our partners in Bunbury and surrounding shires
through a partnership with the Wellington Regional Group of Councils.

Shire President Sarah Stanley welcomed the addition of the e-waste collection bin.
“The more waste we can divert away from landfill the better, through reducing consumption,
reusing resources and recycling properly,” Cr Stanley said. “It is particularly important that ewaste
is diverted from landfill due to the long list of harmful and toxic chemicals it contains.”

Shire of Collie Chief Executive Officer David Blurton said it was important to understand what
waste could be recycled and where.

“Remember not to place your e-waste in kerbside recycling bins,” said Mr Blurton. “It is currently
not accepted by the processing contractors and will likely end up in landfill,” Mr Blurton said.

For more information, contact Waste Education Coordinator Kate Shaw on 9711 1053 or visit the
Shire’s website.