Notice of Public Advertisement of Development Proposal

Notice of Public Advertisement of Development Proposal

The Shire of Collie has received an application to use and/or develop land for the following purpose and public comments are invited.

Lot No: 4477                           Street: Piavanini Road                        Suburb: Collie

Proposal: Extractive Industry (Gravel and Sand)

Details of the proposal are available on the Out For Comment section of this website. Submissions may be made on the proposal in the period ending on the 18th day of January 2023. Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the local government on or before that day

Submissions should be sent to the Shire of Collie at 87 Throssell Street, Collie WA 6225; mailed to Locked Bag 6225, Collie WA 6225 or via email to


Stuart Devenish                                                                    Dated: 8/12/2022
Chief Executive Officer
For and on behalf of the Shire of Collie