Shire supports pool safety

The Shire of Collie fully supports the national campaign on portable-pool safety. This campaign
serves as a timely reminder of the dangers of backyard pools to toddlers and it is important to
make people aware of the safety requirements associated with cheaper portable pools.

“People need to be aware that any pool (including spas) that are designed for swimming, wading
and paddling that contain water more than 30cms deep, must be enclosed by an effective safety
barrier that complies with the law “ Shire CEO David Blurton said.
“This includes many cheaper portable pools and quite often people are not advised of the rules
by retailers upon purchase.” He added.
The Shire of Collie encourages resident to make themselves aware of the safety requirements of
backyard pools and further information is available at The Shire’s administration office or online
at and
Council Staff are available to answer questions and offer advice.