Volunteer Week 2023

To celebrate Volunteer Week 2023, Collie Public Library asked the community to tell us about the volunteers who have touched their lives. As a result, we were told stories about 8 amazing local volunteers who have helped and inspired members of our community in different ways. To say thank you, these volunteers were invited to a small morning tea at Collie Public Library and presented with certificates of appreciation. The nominated volunteers were:

Hayley Digney: Nominated for her volunteering efforts with Underwater Hockey, providing a welcoming environment that ensures all players are made to feel valued team members

Vicki Guilfoyle: Nominated for her work with the Retired Miners and Local History Unit (Jan Wallace Room) of Collie Public Library. Vicki’s work ensures that Collie’s history is preserved for future generations, and ensures that sacrifices made by mineworkers are never forgotten. Vicki has been involved in multiple projects, including the installation of the Pit Pony statue, Mine Mural and the Miners Memorial Wall.

Chrischelle Davis: Nominated for her involvement with the Collie Lawn Tennis Club. Chrischelle has worked tirelessly over the last several seasons to reinvent and reinvigorate the junior coaching program.

Darren Robinson: Darren is captain of the Allanson Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and is also a member of the Collie Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service. Darren’s volunteering protects and serves our community in their time of need, while also raising awareness and education via school and community events.

Collie Scout Leaders: The scout leaders were nominated as a group who dedicate a lot of their free time and weekends to guiding the scout children and young adults to learn new skills and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Terry Ransome: Terry is well known for his work in tidying up the Coalfields Highway. His dedication and work ensure that the entry and exit roads clean and well kept, creating a positive appearance for our town.

Marlene Kenning: Marlene was nominated for her organisation of the weekly Thursday night soup kitchen, which provides support and comfort to vulnerable members of our community.

“The Butterfly Man”: Nominated by several primary school classes for providing butterfly chrysalises for the students to observe in class, creating a beautiful and interactive learning experience that stays with the children for a long time.

This volunteer week celebration was made possible by Volunteering WA, Lottery West and Shire of Collie.

Hayley Digney, Vicki Guilfoyle, Darren Robinson and Chrischelle Davis