Planning Framework Documents

Local Planning Scheme

A Local Planning Scheme is a legal document that sets out policies and controls for how land in a particular local government area can be used and developed. It contains information about long term planning and strategies and about how infrastructure and development will occur in the area. The latest Local Planning Scheme, Local Planning Scheme No.6 was Gazetted in December 2020. A copy of the Scheme and all relating documents can be found on the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage website here.

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy (LPS) is the long term strategic framework that sets the direction for the development of the Shire of Collie for the next 10-15 years. The LPS sets out the Shires strategies and actions for land use in the areas of urban growth and settlement, transport, industry, community  infrastructure, heritage, agriculture, public utilities, and the natural environment. The LPS informs the Local Planning Scheme which sets more specific rules around development within the Shire.

The Local Planning Strategy was endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 17 April 2020 and can be viewed or downloaded here.

Structure Plans

Structure Plans are a required planning document that is prepared to guide the coordination of future subdivision and zoning of an area of land to facilitate appropriate land uses and density controls.

Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Scheme No. 6 is supported by a suite of Local Planning Policies (LPPs) which guide decision-making and the implementation of the Scheme.

LPP 1.1 Stormwater Policy
LPP 2.1 Outbuildings final
LPP 2.3 Temporary Accommodation
LPP 2.4 Residential Development on Corner Lots
LPP 2.5 – Residential Development Fronting Existing Rights-of-Way (Laneways)
LPP 2.6 Drive-In Estate Residential Development Guidelines
LPP 2.7 Assessment of Cultural Heritage Significance
LPP 2.8 Development Assessment Process for Heritage Places
LPP 2.9 Shipping Containers
LPP 2.10 Second hand dwellings and buildings
LPP 2.11 Design Review
LPP 3.1 Ancillary Dwellings
LPP 4.1 Home Based Business
LPP 4.2 Advertising and Signage final
LPP 4.3 Holiday Homes