Controlled Burn at Waste Transfer Station

The Shire of Collie receives numerous types of green waste and organic waste each year.  The organic waste that is collected via the lime green bins is transported to Dardanup and converted into compost.

Tree pruning undertaken by shire staff is converted into mulch and used on parks and gardens within the shire.

Green waste that is received from the public at the transfer station is generally mulched and used for rehabilitation on the landfill.

However, we also receive large items that are too big to be mulched and/or contaminated with weeds or dirt, and not suitable for mulching.  Some of the larger logs are used as barriers around the transfer station or other uses around town.

Those items  that cannot be mulched or used elsewhere are generally disposed of via a controlled burn at the start of each winter as the most cost effective method of disposal.  This is permitted under our license from the Department of Environment.

If anyone requires further information on the above, Shire staff would be happy to assist.  Please contact the administration office on 9734 9001 during business hours.