Scrap Battle – Artist Expressions of Interest


The Wellington Regional Waste Education program is offering professional artists the opportunity to assist with hosting seven workshops across the South West Wellington region. An attendance fee of $100/hour (including GST) will be offered.

What we will do

The Wellington Regional Waste Education program has organised workshops at the locations and times below over January 2018. It is expected each workshop will attract between 20 -30 children of both primary and high school ages. We will provide a range of recycled material recovered from the Stanley Road Waste management Facility. Materials will be anything – from golf clubs to pieces of timber, bottle tops, fabric and more. The children will also be encouraged to bring any materials from home that they would like to work with. We will also provide a range of tools and fixing materials such as hot glue guns, glue, tape, string, a drill and screws. Prior to your attendance, we will present to the children about the impact of waste, show them the materials available and provide a slideshow with a number of examples of recycled art projects.

We expect some artwork to be completed and submitted at the end of the workshop, while some children may also choose to take their pieces home for completion.

Please visit the Wellington Regional Waste website for further information and an online application form.