Building Services


In most instances planning approval is required prior to the issue of a building permit.

Under the Building Act 2011 buildings in Western Australia are required to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, which is produced by the Australian Building Codes Board.

The Building Code of Australia covers a range of matters including site preparation, structural integrity, energy efficiency, safe access and egress, health and amenity (e.g. ventilation) and fire safety.

Details about forms, fees and other building related information are available from the Building Commission of WA.

The Shire of Collie has a Local Law relating to fencing, which covers all aspects of fences and fencing. 

Council Buildings
Development Services is responsible for maintenance of Shire buildings.

A Building Asset Management Plan has been adopted by Council, the purpose of which is to:

facilitate provision of adequate facilities to enable efficient and effective service delivery;
provide a safe and attractive working environment for staff;
provide adequate facilities for identified key community groups; and
provide the required tools and information to ensure the Shire of Collie is managing its building assets in a sustainable manner in the context of its financial capacity.
Implementation of the Building Asset Management Plan has significantly improved key facilities in recent years, and has included an emphasis on improving access and service availability for the disabled.