Building Services

Building Services

The Shire of Collie’s Building Services Department ensures buildings, both existing and proposed, achieve compliance with the requirements of the Building Act 2011 and subsidiary design standards such as the National Construction Code ‘Building Code of Australia’ (NCC/BCA).

Compliance with the Building Act 2011 is primarily achieved by way of statutory building approval processes for new work, pre-occupancy, retrospective (unauthorised) buildings and structures, and demolitions.

The NCC/BCA prescribes requirements for site preparation, structural integrity, fire protection, safe access and egress, services, health and amenity and energy efficiency.

In addition to NCC/BCA requirements, the Shire of Collie also have separate statutory design standards in place relating to building aesthetics and amenity such as the Residential Design Codes and Local Planning Policies. These are cited under the Shire of Collie’s Local Planning Scheme No.5.

Building Forms

A Building Permit is requirement if you are:

  • building a new home OR undertaking additions or alterations (Class 1a)
  • building an outbuilding (i.e. shed), patio, or garage (Class 10a)
  • building a retaining wall (or prescribed types of fences), deck, mast, swimming pool, spa, or water tank (Class 10b)

A Building Permit application can either be uncertified if it comprises class 1 or 10 works only, or certified by a private Building Surveyor.


Building Fees

Please refer to the below schedule of fees applicible to Building permit application submissions:

Note that Building applications within the townsite, other than for minor works (i.e outbuildings, patios, minor additions etc), will also require payment of a verge bond. The amount payable is outlined in the current Fees & Charges, and is refundable on completion of the project providing that verge infrastructure has not been damaged over the course of the project, in which case the bond will be used for the remedial works.

Notice of Completion for approved building works

Once building works have been completed for any project with a Building Permit, a BA7 Notice of Completion is required to be completed and submitted to the Shire of Collie Building Department within seven (7) days.

Building Information Sheet 1 – Shed Outbuildings

The following general information sheet provides guidance pertaining to acceptable shed outbuilding proposals in residential and rural residential zones.

Building Information Sheet 2 – Carports & Patios

The following general information sheet provides guidance on acceptable carport and patio proposals in residential areas.

Building Information Sheet 3 – Residential Application Checklist

The following general information sheet provides guidance relating to documentation needed for certified (BA1 Building Permit Application) and uncertified (BA2 Building Permit Application) submissions.

Useful Building Information and Forms

Below are some further useful application forms for services carried out by the Shire of Collie Building Department.


Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the Shire of Collie Building Services Department on (08) 9734 9000.