Waste Management

The Shire of Collie operates a range of waste services for residents. Waste services are designed to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and recycle valuable resources. This will help improve environmental and public health outcomes both now and into the future.

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Waste Transfer Station
Kerbside Bin Collection
What Can I Put In My Bins?
What Happens To My Rubbish?


Waste Transfer Station

The Shire’s Waste Transfer Station is located on Coalfields Highway, Collie East. Shire residents can use the Waste Transfer Station to dispose of larger amounts of waste and to recycle some items that aren’t accepted in kerbside bins. Charges may apply. Ratepayers are issued with an annual ‘Tip Pass’ that allows the disposal of domestic waste for a set number of visits. There are separate areas at the site for general rubbish, green waste, scrap metal and other recyclables.


Open – daily 9.00am to 4.30pm
Closed – Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday and New Year’s Day
Contact: 9734 5372

Household Hazardous Waste such as paint, cleaning products, pool chemicals, fluorescent tubes, pesticides and gas bottles can be dropped off for free at the Collie Waste Transfer Station.


Kerbside Bin Collection Service

All kerbside bins are collected by the Shire’s contractor, Cleanaway.  For all bin repairs/replacements please contact the Shire on 9734 9000.  For missed bin collections please contact Cleanaway on 1800 049 193.

three bin email large

Households in the kerbside bin service area have a 3-Bin system for Rubbish, Recycling and Organic waste. Organics bins are collected weekly, while rubbish and recycling bins are collected fortnightly on an alternate basis. Refer to the Shire of Collie 2020-21 Waste Calendar for weekly pick up details. You can access the waste collection map here.

Residents can collect four free rolls of compostable bags from either the administration office or library to help separate waste and use their organics bin. Additional rolls of compostable bags can be purchased from the Shire Office, some supermarkets and online stores. Handy bin caddies cost $6.00, and can be purchased from the administration office and library.  Did you know? Only compostable bags are suitable to use in organics bins as plastic, biodegradable and degradable bags won’t break down into compost. Look for the compostable logo and refer to the Bag Poster for more details.



What can I put in my bins?

There have been some recent changes to what you can and can’t put in your bins. Check out the image below if you’re unsure of what belongs where. 


What happens to my rubbish??

RUBBISH – all rubbish collected in plain green or red lidded bins is landfilled at the Shire’s landfill site.

RECYCLING – recycling (yellow lidded bins) is taken to a receival facility in Picton and then transported to Suez’s Materials Recovery Facility in Perth. Here it is sorted into different streams and sent for making into new products.  More information about the recycling process can be found here.

ORGANICS – organics waste collected (lime green lidded bins) is taken to a regional Council managed organics processing facility, located in Dardanup. The organics waste is recycled into compost which is tested to the Australian Standard. Residents are able to purchase the compost by the trailer load from the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council Waste Management Facility on Stanley Road, Australind.

GREEN WASTE – Tree pruning undertaken by shire staff is converted into mulch and used on parks and gardens within the shire.  Green waste that is received from the public at the transfer station is generally mulched and used for rehabilitation on the landfill.

We also receive large items that are too big to be mulched and/or contaminated with weeds or dirt, and therefore not suitable for mulching.  Some of the larger logs are used as barriers around the transfer station or for other uses around town.  Those items  that cannot be mulched or used elsewhere are generally disposed of via a controlled burn at the start of each winter as the most cost effective method of disposal.  This is permitted under our license from the Department of Environment.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Everyone can make a big difference in diverting waste from landfill. Reduce the amount of waste generated by your household with the following tips:


  • Avoid buying products with excess packaging
  • Only buy what you really need
  • Buy good quality, longer lasting products
  • Repair things instead of throwing them away


  • Sell or giveaway items using local buy and sell websites
  • Donate items to charity shops
  • Buy second hand items
  • Repurpose or upcycle old items – there are loads of ideas on the internet


  • Use your kerbside organics and recycling bins to their full potential by putting the correct items in each bin
  • Take scrap metal, green waste, waste oil, white goods, e-waste, bulk cardboard, rubble, scrap timber, tyres and old car batteries to the Shire’s Waste Transfer Station
  • Use recycling services provided by supermarkets and other shops

For regular updated information on everything waste related go to the Watch Your Waste Website.

What happens to my rubbish?

Watch what happens to the Green Waste from your Organics Bin below-

For more information please contact the Waste Education Officer
Wellington Regional Waste Education Program
Ph : 9711 1053