Shire of Collie’s Compliance Procedure

If you have a complaint or concern about activities occurring in the Shire of Collie, there are a number of ways you can report it:

  • Snap Send Solve or via the Snap Send solve app.
  • Email
  • Phone- 9734 9000
  • Over the counter – 87 Throssell Street Collie   WA   6225

The Shire will make an initial assessment of the concern is made that looks at compliance with relevant legislation (e.g. Planning, Building, Local Government and/or Health Acts and Local Laws), as well as the responsible party. This assessment may involve an inspection of the site.

Issues that are the responsibility of the Shire of Collie are forwarded to the appropriate department for action.

Issues that are the responsibility of another government or agency are forwarded to that agency. You will be notified if this is the case.

If a compliance issue is identified that is the responsibility of a business or individual, the Shire will work with that party to reach a solution that is within the compliance requirements.

Letters are sent to the owner and/or occupier that set expectations regarding compliance, including what action should be taken, penalties and timeframes.

If insufficient progress has been made, an infringement may be imposed.

Some legislation contains provision for notices (formal instructions to perform a specified action). This may be carried out in addition to issuing an infringement.

Where a notice has been issued, and the specified action has not been suitably carried out, the Shire may determine to carry out this work and recover costs from the offender usually using a contractor.

Prosecution is the last resort and will only be taken when other options have been exhausted. This may include major offences which otherwise cannot be resolved and repeat offenders.