Council Meetings

Council meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers above the Shire Office in Throssell Street Collie. Meetings commence at 7pm. All ordinary council meetings are open to the public, though the meeting may be closed when matters of a sensitive or personal nature are discussed.

Agendas are available from the Shire’s website on the Friday prior to the meeting and hard copies can be viewed at the Library or Shire administration office. Minutes are published on the website one week after the meeting.

Meetings are conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995 and associated regulations and  Shire of Collie Standing Orders Local Law 2017 which are available here.

A period of 15 minutes is held at the commencement of each meeting for questions from members of the public.

  • A member of the public who raises a question during question time, is to state his or her name and address.
  • A question may be taken on notice by the Council for later response. When a question is taken on notice the CEO is to ensure that—

(a) a response is given to the member of the public in writing; and

(b) a summary of the response is included in the agenda of the next meeting of the Council.

  • Each member of the public with a question is entitled to ask up to two questions before other members of the public will be invited to ask their questions.
  • Where a member of the public provides written questions, the Presiding Member may elect for the questions to be responded to as normal business correspondence.
  • The Presiding Member may decide that a public question shall not be responded to where—

(a) the same or similar question was asked at a previous meeting, a response was provided and the member of the public is directed to the minutes of the meeting at which the response was provided;

(b) the member of the public uses public question time to make a statement, provided that the Presiding Member has taken all reasonable steps to assist the member of the public to phrase the statement as a question; or

(c) the member of the public asks a question that is offensive or defamatory in nature, provided that the Presiding Member has taken all reasonable steps to assist the member of the public to phrase the question in a manner that is not offensive or defamatory.

A member of the public may have up to two minutes to submit a question.

Where an answer to a question is given at a meeting, a summary of the question and the answer is to be included in the minutes.

The dates for the Council Meetings in 2023 are:

Council Meeting Dates 2023

14 February 2023
14 March 2023
11 April 2023
9 May 2023
13 June 2023
11 July 2023
25 July (Special Meeting)
8 August 2023
12 September 2023
10 October 2023
14 November 2023
12 December 2023

Council Agendas and Minutes are placed on the website before and after each meeting.  Older minutes that do not appear on the website can be obtained from either the administration office or library.