Emergency Management

Fire management is a critical issue particularly in the rural parts of Collie.

Notice Period 2019-20

The Shire of Collie Firebreak order, information about bushfire precautions, information relevant to the use of camping and cooking fires, and proposed fire restrictions for each fire season are included in the Collie Firebreak Booklet – 2019 – 2020 and Fire Prevention Supplementary Information 2019-2020. 

Under Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954 all owners of land are required to comply with the Shire of Collie Firebreak Order.  Non compliance with the Firebreak Order may be issued with an infringement notice which provides a penalty of $250.

The prohibited burning period for 2018-19 is 15 December to 14 March

The Bush Fires Act 1954 provides for the proclamation of restricted and prohibited burning times.  Permits to burn during restricted burning times can be obtained only from a Fire Control Officer.

Shire of Collie Prohibited and Restricted Burning

The restricted burning period for 2018-19 is  from 2 November to 14 December and 15 March to 31 May.

Please also note, permits are required for all burning in the Restricted Burning Period.  Any changes made to the Prohibited Burning Period will be advertised via local media.

Residents and landholders in rural areas are encouraged to join local volunteer fire brigades to better understand the effects of fire and the importance of working together to prevent and fight fires.

Shire of Collie Prohibited and Restricted Burning

Useful links:

Shire of Collie Bushfire Brigade Guidelines

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Shire of Collie – Bushfire Fact Sheet

Bushfires are a naturally occurring event and the Australian vegetation has evolved to not only depend on, but, encourage bushfires for regeneration.   Bushfires are extremely unpredictable, and occur without warning every summer.  The only certainty is that, if there is bush, there will be a bushfire at some point.

Bushfire Fighting Vehicles in the Shire of Collie
Currently there are 8 Volunteer Bushfire Brigade firefighting vehicles in the Shire of Collie.  In the event of a bushfire you cannot be guaranteed to have bushfire fighting vehicle(s) at your property.  Also due to the road access to some houses fire fighters would not be deployed to protect houses which may endanger fire fighters’ lives.