Expression of Interest for Casual Employment

Casual Employment Expression of Interest

Personal Details

Do you hold a current unrestricted Western Australian Motor Vehicle Driver's Licence?
Which of the following classes of licence do you hold?
Work area/s applying for


The following declarations are NOT a barrier to being considered for employment but will assist us to take due care in assessing appropriate placement should you be a successful applicant.
Do you have any previous or current medical condition/s or restriction/s, physical or otherwise, which may affect your ability to perform the essential requirements of the position you have applied for?
Worker's Compensation Claim
This must include any medical condition or restriction arising from a previous worker's compensation claim. Failure to provide such information may jeopardise your rights to worker's compensation if a pre-existing disability is aggravated at work. (Section 79 of the Worker's Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981)
Criminal Convictions.
Have you been convicted of any offence in any court, or are you currently the subject of any charges pending or the subject of an investigation before a tribunal? (You do not need to give details of any conviction which you have had declared spent under the Spent Convictions Act 1988).


Maximum file size: 50MB

Maximum file size: 50MB


I agree
I declare that all the above statements and attached supporting information are true in all respects. I acknowledge that any statement which is found to be false or deliberately misleading will make me, if employed, liable for dismissal.