Contamination in Organics Bins


During collection services of organics bins in Collie on Wednesday 13th September a truck  had to stop mid-way through collection due to contaminated bins.

The contamination in the bins was found as they were tipped into the trucks, which threatened the whole load, potentially having it go to landfill. This is frustrating for the Shire which has worked hard to educate the public on the correct use of their bins, and keep contamination records low.

The Shire of Collie would like to remind those who contaminate bins that this is being monitored and they may be contacted in the future if this continues.  The Shire of Collie will be auditing bins over the coming weeks, and residents with contaminated bins will be informed of the action to be taken.

The contaminated load from today has been taken to the Wellington Regional Compost Facility to be assessed, with the hope that the organic material can still be removed and processed along with the other organic material, thus not wasting the efforts of the majority of residents.

The Shire of Collie would like to thank the residents using the organics bins correctly, and would like to remind residents that the following items can ONLY go into the organics bins;

  • Compostable bags
  • Garden vegetation
  • Food waste
  • Timber offcuts
  • Pet poo
  • Paper and cardboard

For more information please refer to Shire of Collie’s Waste Calendar and Waste Guide for all three bins. For any questions please contact the Waste Education Staff on 9711 1053 or the Shire of Collie on 9734 9000.

Waste Education is provided by the Shire of Collie in conjunction with the Waste Education Officers of the Wellington Waste Group. For further information, please visit the Waste Education website or like the Facebook page.

For media enquiries please contact:

Christine Szostak
Technical Support Officer
Shire of Collie
Ph: 9734 9000

Kate Shaw
Waste Education Officer
Bunbury Harvey Regional Council – Wellington Regional Waste
Ph: 9711 1053 or Waste Education Staff on 9711 1053